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Monmouth College hosts 16th annual Cultural Festival

September 13, 2010

On Saturday Sept. 4, Monmouth College, along with the Office of Intercultural Life and Public Affairs Committee held the 16th annual Cultural Festival on Monmouth College’s Dunlap Terrace. The day was filled with music, food and a great amount of information about countries represented here at Monmouth College.

One of the highlights of the festival was the amount different music and cultural performances that took place. There was music presented by Professor Francisco D. Lara and also dances from the Mexican Folkloric Dance Company. The company highlighted many different types of dance from the country of Mexico.

Dances that were showcased were indigenous to the different regions of Mexico from the highlands to the Pacific coast. Also, different foods that are common in other countries were presented for spectators to try as they watched the dancing. Besides Mexico, ten other countries including, France, Canada, the United States, Japan, Argentina, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Ireland, England and Brazil were featured at the festival.

The Director of Intercultural Life at Monmouth College, Ruby Penstil-Bukari said  the event was, “Fantastic!”

“We celebrated diversity that is represented here at Monmouth College. There were opportunities for students to try new foods and see aspects of cultures they may not have seen before.” Bukari went on to say that Monmouth College cherishes diversity and that we as humans can all learn from each other.

Freshman Justin Frye, who was experiencing the festival for the first time really enjoyed all the activity. “The food was great! The dances were really interesting too. It is just great to see so many different cultures represented on campus,” said Frye.

Senior Kristen Wyse also commented about the festival. “I am a senior and I have gone to the cultural festival for the past three years and this year was definitely by far the best year,” said Wyse. “The dancers were very well trained and kept everyone’s interest the entire time they were performing.”

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