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September 13, 2010

Despite enjoying their first year with houses of their own, Monmouth’s sororities are facing low recruitment numbers.

“82 girls signed up [for sorority recruitment], but we went down to 54 the first night,” said Samantha Jagust, Panhellenic Council vice president of recruiting and member of Alpha Xi Delta.

The reason for such a quick drop off are numerous. Jagust said some women never showed up, while others chose to focus on academics for the time being.

Haleigh Turner, Pi Beta Phi vice president of membership, cited the stress of intensive recruitment during the first week. “When you come in on freshmen year, it’s too overwhelming.”

Lauryn Pearson, president of Kappa Kappa Gamma, concurred saying many may have been “Intimidated by three stressful nights of parties.”

Another reason for the low numbers may have to do with financial concerns regarding membership dues.

To try and meet their recruitment goals, each sorority has extended its recruitment efforts with a process known as continuous open bidding, which involves informal events hosted by the sororities individually.

Kappa Kappa Gamma held a movie night a week ago and made its final bids for the fall. Pearson stated that her sorority does plan to keep doing informal recruiting, but will not make any new bids for members until the spring.

Turner said Pi Beta Phi finished continuous open bidding on Sept. 1 and has met its chapter quota.

Alpha Xi Delta will recruit into the spring. The process, according to Jagust will be pretty laid back. “You can even wear your PJs. We don’t care,” said Jagust.

For the future, some hope to change the formal recruitment process. “If we had more of an informal [process], such as the fraternities do … spreading it out over a week would make it a lot easier,” said Pearson.

For those interested in sorority life, but concerned about academics, Jagust noted the sororities offer study groups and workshops. As for financial concern, she said there may be scholarships available.

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