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New scoreboard, new mascot, new quarterback

September 17, 2010

The 1,000th game at Monmouth was supposed to be a historical day in Scots football history with a new scoreboard, Coach Bell going for the most wins of all time and a new mascot It was historic, but for mostly the wrong reasons.

Not only did the Scots suffer their second loss of the year, by a score of 17-15, but they also lost All-American quarterback Alex Tanney.

Monmouth College football coach Steve Bell confirmed that Tanney received a serious injury to his right shoulder in Saturday’s game against Grinnell College. 

Bell said Tanney was injured when he was hit by a defender after throwing a pass in the first quarter.  “He spun around and the defender landed on him,” said Bell   

Bell also noted that he is out indefinitely, which means there might be a slight chance he could come back for another game later in the season, but they are taking it day by day. 

His position will be filled by freshmen Brik Wedekind from Princeton, Ill. Coach Bell said of Wedekind, “He did a good job. After the first couple series he got comfortable and did well. The more playing time he gets, the better he will become.”

However, Bell’s expectations for the team were no met. “The Grinnell game was a slap in the face. To succeed we need to play well as a team, five or six players can’t play for the whole team,” said Bell.

On a positive note, the new scoreboard had good reviews.

“The scoreboard is gorgeous and adds to the venue which was already gorgeous,” said Bell.

The scoreboard is run by Adam Gladfelter and Matt Hutton, and the three cameras on the field are run by sophomore Andrew Anselmi, freshman John Gill and junior Dani Adams. Adams works in the sports information office and will be filming for most of the games.

The scoreboard will also be used for track and other events held on the turf. It will be used as often as Gladfelter and Hutton can run it. They are the only people trained to run it as of now because it takes a lot of computer skills.

The new scoreboard adds one of the finishing touches to the April Zorn Memorial stadium. Phase three will be complete when the school finishes the flagpole and add a remote control camera on top of the scoreboard for the game filming.

The Fighting Scots will play their next game on Saturday Sept. 18, against Lawrence University in Appleton, Wis.

Co-Sports Editor

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