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Relay for Life Cancelled

September 17, 2010


For the first time since 2002, Monmouth College will no longer be hosting the annual Relay for Life on campus. On Tuesday Sept. 14, members of Relay for Life committee were informed there would be no relay held at Monmouth College this year.

According to Betsy Fisher, income development representative for the American Cancer Society, over the past few years Relay for Life at MC has seen a decline in the funds raised. It has been found that the support needed from the campus and faculty was lacking. Last year, the relay raised just under $15,000. In comparison with other colleges in the area, MC’s fundraising is nearly $25,000 less than the average.

Relay for Life is typically held in April in the Huff Athletic Center. Greek life, faculty, various clubs and students gather for the 12-hour marathon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Fundraising begins months before and students are able to track their goals on the Relay for Life web site. Games such as volleyball and basketball are held at relay, and cakewalks, food sales and trivia games are available as well.

During the night of Relay for Life, a survivor lap, luminaria ceremony and a fight back ceremony takes place. Emotions run strong during these times, when students are also able to stand up and share why they choose to fight to against cancer during this ceremony. Many students are affected by cancer on campus; therefore the Relay for Life committee wants to do all in their power to still find a way to participate in fighting against cancer.

A mini-relay is hoped to replace the 12-hour relay this spring. “Many students are impacted by cancer at Monmouth College, but we want to assure everyone we will still contribute as much as possible to the American Cancer Society,” said Junior Emily Triebel. Triebel, who serves as a committee head for R.F.L. has high hopes for a possible mini-relay at Monmouth College.

A mini-relay is a condensed version of a 12-hour Relay for Life that still fundraises and educates to the community. Guidelines such as a set amount of hours, and intense fundraising are not required when planning a mini-relay. Opening and closing ceremonies, as well as time to honor survivors are still important during a mini-relay. Concerts, sporting tournaments, game nights and pep rallies are just a few of the suggestions that the American Cancer Society suggests when planning a mini-relay.

“Having a mini-relay is going to allow the committee and participants more freedom to create an event that is a better fit for Monmouth College, while keeping with the spirit of a standard Relay for Life,” stated Fisher.

Although the college will not be able to conduct R.F.L. this year, plans for the mini-relay are already in discussion.

“I have been participating in Relay for Life for the last four years at Monmouth College and although I am really saddened by the situation, I am very thankful that the American Cancer Society has given us the option to put on a mini relay,” said senior Lauren Wells.

“I feel like a mini relay is just what the college needs. It gives us more freedom to design activities and events to raise money that the college students and faculty will be more willing to work with.”

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One Response to Relay for Life Cancelled

  1. Dan Steamer

    September 21, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    I can’t believe this!! I always look forward to this event in the spring semester. I guess at least we can do a “mini relay”. It won’t be the same as having the real Relay for Life though. I am still very disappointed to hear about this.