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Bringing it on! Obamanomics

September 24, 2010

Editor’s Note: The following is an opinion article.

The U.S. economy remains in the doldrums. Unfortunately, our golden-tongued president has created a business environment in which people logically do not want to invest. President Obama’s “tax-the-rich-and-spread-the-wealth” rhetoric is contributing to a pessimistic economic outlook.

President Obama promised to change Washington. Unfortunately, this leftist president will stick it to the rest of America if he can line the pockets of the special interest groups that got him elected. Our government gave our billions to “save the auto industry.” The heavily unionized auto industry got into trouble because it could not sell enough cars at a high enough price to pay workers’ overly generous compensation packages.

Solution? Stiff bond holders and the American taxpayer. By some liberal logic that escapes me — maybe it’s “social justice” — some retired union worker in his fifties should receive his overly generous pension benefits while other workers toil to subsidize his lifestyle.

President Obama submitted a budget entitled “A New Era of Responsibility: Renewing America’s Promise” that had eye-popping deficits to be paid for by future workers. He had the audacity to hope people would be too stupid to recognize the irony of the title. How bad has it gotten? Even President Obama now avoids using the word “stimulus” when describing another $50,000,000,000 in deficit spending that will primarily benefit union workers.

As the unemployment rate has remained at high levels, President Obama has been reduced to arguing that things would be even worse if it were not for his policies. Based on this silly reasoning, I can prove eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream five times a day will help you lose weight!

President Obama is trying to change his tune while not changing his policies. He now concedes prosperous free markets are needed to create millions of jobs. Welcome to Common Sense Central, Mr. President. Maybe your policies will one day match your rhetoric.

To pay off the unionized teachers that helped him get elected, the President even failed to sustain the program that allowed poor children in Washington, D.C., — most of whom are African-Americans — to escape the public schools that, despite absurdly high per-student spending, still fail to educate.

This hypocritical, uncaring president doesn’t have to worry about that. Like so many liberal Democrats, he sends his children to expensive private schools that are beyond the reach of poor people. There is a word that describes a person who would be so uncaring, but that word is not appropriate for a college newspaper.

President Obama’s policies have conspicuously failed the American people. Liberals, either hungry for power or ignorant of history, continue to hope bigger government will finally be a proven strategy for economic prosperity. And maybe eating more ice cream is the secret to losing weight.

Guest Columnist

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