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Crab people hold tourney

September 24, 2010

The Monmouth College Crab People are holding their first conference play tournament for the year this coming weekend.

The tournament will be held in Pepper Natatorium on Saturday, Sept. 25, and Sunday, Sept. 26.  There are a total of eight teams playing in the tournament, including; Monmouth College, Knox College, Macalester College, Grinnell College, Augustana College, Saint John’s University, Saint Mary’s University, and Carleton  College.

There will be a total of 16 games played between both days, each team playing four games. There is a tournament next weekend at St. Mary’s, which is the second half of the conference-played tournament. This puts MC one step closer to the national title they hope to bring home in November.

“We hope to go undefeated in conference, win conference, and [clean] house at nationals,” said Junior Frank Wasielewski.

The Crab People will be playing Knox, Macalester, St. John’s, and St. Mary’s this weekend.  The record received by the polo team this weekend goes to seeding in conference. If they receive a record of 4-0, then they will be the number one seed in the conference going into next weekend’s tournament at St. Mary’s. At the tournament next weekend, MC will play Grinnell, Augustana, Carlton, and Knox.

“There’s so much talent and once we put it all together we should be an unstoppable team,” said Wasielewski.

The starters for the MC Crab People include: Frank Wasielewski as goalie, Tom Pedersen as whole set, Josh Dunn as whole defense, Ken Collins and Jeff Skalon as flats, and Tony Marino and Steve Collins as wings. Other teammates include; Andrew Wright, Gabe Baginski, Brett Dunn, Joe Testolin, James Corbeil, Matt Hopkins, Zach Heilman, Chris Falkenwrath, Brian Woulfe, and Rachel Holm.

“As an injured player last season and not being able to play while watching our team lose in the championship left a bitter taste in our mouths for the whole team, especially me,” said junior Ken Collins. “I’m just ready to do my part on this team, have a fun year but especially be remembered as national champs. We’re ready for the tenacious challenge and we’re going to accomplish it with all we have, every player on the team will contribute.”

The Crab People play St. Marys at 11:20 a.m. on Saturday Sept. 25.

Co-Sports Editor

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