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Senior Kimi Wegner steps up to lead Monmouth tennis team

September 24, 2010

Having played tennis for 18 years, senior Kimi Wegner is no stranger to the court. This season Wegner is a big fish in a little pond as she is the only senior on the 11 woman team, which includes seven freshmen. Wegner’s role leading a young squad could be crucial to the Scot’s success this season.

Me: Is it weird being the only senior on the team this year, or do like being the one with the most experience?

Kimi Wegner:  It is kind of weird being the only senior, but I like being able to help my teammates with advice on experiences I’ve encountered.

Me: How much added responsibility do you have being the only senior and what kind of example to you try and set for your younger teammates?

K.W.: I run practices sometimes when our coach is gone or busy. I try to conduct myself responsibly on and off the court in order to set a good example for my teammates.

Me: Over half the team is made up of freshmen. What are your thoughts on the freshmen class so far and what expectations do you have for them this year?

K.W.: Our freshmen have stepped up and made a big impact on our team. They are learning every meet to improve their play. I look for the girls to help the team for some big wins this year. I also think they will have good college careers by getting so much experience this year. 

Me: What expectations have you set for yourself this year? Anything special you hope to accomplish?

K.W.: There are few school goals within my reach this year. I’m looking to break a school record. I’m just trying to make my last year as memorable as I can.

Me: Based on what you’ve seen so far this season, where do you see the team going this year and what changes need to be made in order for the team to get where is wants to be?

K.W.: With such a young team we are having trouble getting big wins against our strong conference. However, we are having a great time as a team and trying our hardest each match. We are looking to win the sportsmanship award for the conference.

Me: How is the chemistry on the team and how has it impacted everyone when it comes to competition?

K.W.: The team chemistry is one of the best I have seen in my 4 years. We get along on and off the court, which makes playing and travelling together more enjoyable. We know how to encourage each other when a player is down.

Me: In what ways has coach Montgomery helped you improve your game from last year to this year?

K.W.: Coach Montgomery has been helping me develop more strategic serves and ball placement during games. In order to compete with the best in the conference, I have to try to out-smart them, he is really working strategies with me this year.

Me: What do you hope to do after college?

K.W.: I hope to find a math teaching job somewhere near my hometown of Dixon, Ill., and I would like to coach tennis or softball for high school. 


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