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Vandalism; not a fine art

September 24, 2010

Departments in McMichael Academic Hall are discussing how to make the building more secure after local children came into the hall on Sunday, Sept. 19, and allegedly vandalized parts of the art and business departments. 

“The kids wrote profanities on the chalk boards and scribbled on students art work,” said art professor Brian Baugh.

Since the incident Baugh has been coming in late at night to check and see if the building has been locked and nothing has been taken or destroyed. Mondays through Fridays the building is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on weekends it is open from noon to midnight.

The vandalism is causing the art and business departments to be cautious as to what is being unlocked and available to anyone who walks in.

Business professor Judy Peterson said, “The boys took pop and about five dollars out of the fridge.”  The fridge filled with soda is sponsored by the Accounting Society based on the honor system for payment.

Security was called by professor Montgomery but by the time security arrived the local children had left.

“People get cautious but then loosen up,” said Peterson.  According to Peterson, two years ago projectors were stolen out of the class rooms.  “Doors need to be locked when there is equipment or student work left out.”

However, this would make it difficult for students to work  on projects and homework that can only be worked on in McMichael.

“We are seriously thinking of making the building swipe card accessible,” said Peterson,  “We want to keep the building open to students.”

A swipe card security system would prevent people who are not associated with the Monmouth College from entering with intent to vandalize.

There is no sure plan yet to make McMichael academic hall swipe card accessible.

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