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Writing Center busier than ever

September 24, 2010

Over the past few weeks tutors from the Monmouth College Writing Center made presentations to numerous Introduction to Liberal Arts classes, explaining the purpose of the center and answering any questions the students may have had. The result has been a large influx of students at the writing center looking for help with their papers.

In the past three weeks roughly 90 sessions have occurred in the writing center, an overwhelming amount compared to the 650 session’s total from last year.  

“The success has been great! I’ve been very pleased at the quality of work from the tutors,” said Rob Hale, head of the English department and interim director of the Writing Center. Hale said the success has been due to the wonderful work of Kevin Roberts, the previous Writing Center director.

“We’re not really doing a whole lot of things differently,” Hale said, “We’re just trying to get our name out there and increase traffic. We’ve had promotional talks to the ILA and English 110 classes. We put out brochures with frequently asked questions and handed out book marks with our hours on them … So far, it seems to be working.”  

In addition to the promotional tools, the tutors had a three-hour staff meeting before the start of school to “recharge” and “reemphasize” the criteria of being a writing tutor. A new computer program has also been installed to allow tutors to more easily write reports for professors on their sessions.  

Hale also made a promotional pitch and presentation at the faculty conference before the beginning of school to reassure and target the faculty’s common misconceptions about the center.  

Jon Steben, a freshman music education major, has already visited the center once and plans to return.  “It was very helpful,” Steben remarked, “I would absolutely go again. It was a little more than I expected, I hadn’t planned on walking out of there with a whole additional page to add to my paper, which was great. That’s the reason I went there.”

The tutors have noticed the success as well. Leslie Hamer, a junior sociology and anthropology major, said, “[The center] has been pretty successful, we’ve really increased traffic. The week before I had seven people in one night.”  

Katie Struck, a sophomore English major, said, “I’ve had 11 or 12 people this year so far. That’s almost the same amount that I had all of last semester.” 

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