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I want to ride my bicycle

October 1, 2010

Fat bottomed girls and Freddie Mercury references aside, the Associated Students of Monmouth College are responsible for the addition of 10 brand new Schwinn beach cruiser bicycles which are now available to rent for students and faculty on campus.

Why bikes in lieu of another mode of transportation?

“Bikes are trendy. We hope it will increase health awareness on campus and get people active,” said Trevor Newton, president of ASMC “Plus the campus is small and it’s an alternative for driving.”

According to Newton, the decision to purchase bikes for the student body was made last semester by the ASMC executive board.

“The bikes cost approximately $2,000 which includes the cost of the bike locks as well,” said Newton. “The funds came through Student Senate and the Student Development Office.”

The bikes can be rented at the Stockdale Student Center desk by providing a student identification number and may be kept for up to 24 hours. According to Scots Guide, failure to check the bike in within the 24 hour period will result in a $50 fine, and an additional $25 will be added for every 12 hours the bike is missing.

Damaged or stolen bikes are also an issue that had to be taken into account.

“It’s always a concern. Anytime you have a nice item out in public there is a chance it could be damaged,” said Newton. “However, we want the students to enjoy them. The bikes are a privilege and will stay as nice as students treat them.”

Upon rental, students are advised as to the consequences of lost or damaged bikes. Newton also noted that should the bikes become a big success, ASMC will try to purchase more. ASMC is also working on acquiring more bike racks and storage for the winter.

“So far the reaction from students is extremely positive,” said Newton. “People keep saying, ‘let’s get more, they’re all checked out.’ It’s great.”

Also, the bikes are not restricted to just the campus so students may ride them wherever they like.

New bikes are not the only addition ASMC has had in the works recently. According to Newton, ASMC is close to installing an outdoor basketball court which, for the moment would be built between Bowers and Peterson Hall. They are also looking to replace the mailboxes in the Stockdale Center as well as add benches near Cleland and Leidman Hall.

“ASMC is bringing a positive change to campus and as for the bikes, we want people to enjoy them and see it as a fun way to get around campus,” said Newton.     


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