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Just keep swimming

October 1, 2010


With swim season starting up soon, the Monmouth College swim team is ready to dive into the upcoming season.

The men’s and women’s team both start practice Monday Oct. 4, at 6 a.m. This practice will consist of a fitness test based upon how good of shape each member is in and how much training they have done since the previous season.

There are nine new members, which include freshmen and transfer students and 13 returning members. Captains include senior Tom Pedersen and junior Josh Dunn for the men’s team and junior Rachel Holm and junior Kendra Keuhl for the women’s team.

“The freshman are going to supply our team with much needed depth and skill, we have some fast guys that are going to need to step up this season as freshman,” said Pedersen.

The captains are very positive toward their teams this year and know that their hard work will soon pay off. They are prepared for hard work and determined to succeed in all their meets.

“It’s going to be a tough season with being in the water 16 hours a week, but I know each person is a hard worker. I’m also excited and ready to see what the team brings,” said Holm.

The captains have also set a few goals they hope the team can achieve. “I’m really hoping as a team we place higher at conference this year, but also have fun while working hard at practice,” said Keuhl.

“I would like the team to win our dual meets, place top three at conference, and our mid-taper meet at Carthage College,” said Dunn.

“This season will be a good one because there are so many people that are ready to get in and swim hard. You cannot go wrong with an attitude like that. I am looking forward to this season,” said Pedersen.

The Monmouth College swimmers hold their first official meet here on Oct. 29, versus Milikin but they are having an alumni meet on Oct. 16.

Co-Sports Editor

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