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How secure are you?

October 8, 2010

Within the past few weeks yet another disturbing internet scam has been sweeping the nation, and this time, hitting a little closer to home for me.

It has been reported that false Facebook accounts have been created pretending to be alumna of not only the Kappa Kappa Gamma women’s fraternity, but also many other sororities around the nation. These fake accounts message new members of chapters and ask them for personal information such as phone numbers, class schedules, dormitory information as well as what time they will be leaving and returning.

The fraudulent alumni also ask numerous inappropriate questions and to perform inappropriate behavior, then request the women to keep the messages confidential in order to remain “loyal and strong” to their chapter.

As soon as I took the time to fire up my search engine and find out more on this scam, I realized the amount of sororities this affected was vast. It opened my eyes to how passive and oblivious we become when using social networking sites.

Every college student has used the term “creeper” in his or her daily vocabulary, but what is unclear is how serious these “creeper” situations may become. Although social networks such as Myspace and Facebook pride themselves on the amount of security and privacy applications that their sites are equipped with, there is still an enormous amount of information that we as students project to our peers.

As I go through my Facebook page, my “friends” as well as myself have over nearly 800 “friends.” It is not even humanly possible to have relationships with that many people. Whether it is strong relationships or acquaintances, the requirements to share information such as birthday, current city, sexual orientation and events attended are put out for hundreds of people to read. Even updating status’ to notify people that you’re on vacation or what you’re doing at every minute of every day becomes very dangerous.

With Facebook topping off the number of users to more than the populations of small some countries, it is apparent that this revolution of social networking is far from over. Employers can also now not only check your resume, but your Facebook as well. Being aware of what you post and information you give becomes more of a risk everyday.

It is apparent that Facebook is more than a fad and that it is going nowhere. I myself know I would never delete my Facebook, how would I survive? As students though, always check your privacy settings and limit what information you give out, you never know who is “creeping” on you daily on the book.  

Co-News Editor

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