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NCAA new man in charge

October 8, 2010

 On Tuesday, Mark Emmert stepped into his new role as NCAA president. He replaced Jim Isch, the NCAA’s former senior vice president for administration and chief financial officer, who served as the organization’s interim president since last September. Isch now serves as chief operating officer.

Emmert was named as the new president in April. He served as president of the University of Washington until Oct. 1st. Phyllis Wise, the university’s vice president succeeded Emmert as the university’s interim president.

Emmert’s new job comes with many new responsibilities. The NCAA helps coordinate the sports programs of more than 1,000 colleges in three separate divisions and 33 sports. Last fiscal year the NCAA brought in a total of $710,000,000 in revenue.

“My job is to enable both the national office and the membership itself to address and resolve the issues that are before us. Those issues may be plentiful and some may be difficult, but they are not insurmountable,” wrote Emmert in a recent greeting to the public. He also hopes to streamline the way the NCAA functions.

The NCAA’s previous president, Myles Brand, passed away Sept. 2009 after battling pancreatic cancer.

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