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Space for Grace keeps the faith

October 8, 2010

For over 10 years Monmouth College has been offering Space for Grace, a worship ceremony to its students. Space for Grace consists of a 30 minute service where students can come and partake in reading, music, a praise band as well as a message/scripture. In the past, campus Chaplain Rev. Kathleen Fannin has organized and coordinated the weekly worship.

This semester though, Space for Grace sits in a transition state without a current Chaplain, but the 15 member Student Chaplain organization is determined to keep Space for Grace on campus.

With a move from Monday nights to Sunday nights at 6 p.m., Space for Grace has already met once this semester and has three more meetings planned. The Student Chaplains have asked various groups from the community to sponsor Space for Grace with them. On Oct. 3, The First Christian Church in Monmouth accompanied the Student Chaplain for the first Space for Grace of the year. On Oct. 17, Reverend Meyers of Faith Church, Nov. 7, The Newman Club and on Nov. 21, MC’s Ignite will co-sponsor.

Reverend Dr. Teri McDowell Ott will be filling the position of Chaplain this January, but until then Dean Karen Ogorzalek has been serving as the administration liaison and will manage the Space for Grace program until McDowell begins her position. Until then, Ogorzalek believes that the Student Chaplains are working hard at maintaining Space for Grace and fully supports their hard work. “Space for Grace is still functioning at the level conducive to them [Student Chaplains] with a manageable amount of activities,” Ogorzalek said.

Space for Grace will also hold Christmas Convocation on Tuesday Dec. 7, at 11:00 am that will consist of members of the college community such as chorale and President Ditzler. The annual angel tree project will also begin around Thanksgiving.

Even though this semester has been out of the norm for Space for Grace, there were nearly 50 people in attendance to the first Space for Grace of the semester. The spring schedule of Space for Grace programs will be up to Chaplain McDowell Ott, but is hoped to return to a weekly event on campus.

Co-News Editor

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