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Zeta Beta Tau holds first Open Mic event

October 8, 2010

Zeta Beta Tau gentleman’s fraternity hosted their first Open Mic night of the year on Friday, Oct. 1. The venue hosted ZBT members and non-Greek members in the lounge of the ZBT house. The show consisted of solo acoustic sets, jam sessions and bands.

Casey Walker is Secretary on the ZBT Executive Board and is the Open Mic Committee Chair.

“I’ve planned out the schedule so that we have at least one open mic night per month” said Walker. “Any one on campus, from students to faculty, is welcome to come and enjoy music. The same goes for who plays. It isn’t just brothers of ZBT; if someone has something to play, they can just get up on stage and play.”

The show featured musicians such as Conor Shields, who has played at the WMCR concert in September and uses his home made instruments, as well as his professional instruments, when he performs.

“The House’s lounge offers a great environment to play for a small group,” said Shields. “I feel less restricted by the audience’s expectations because everyone is there to hear whatever music may be played.”

Other musicians who played were ZBT brothers Dan Murphy and Zack Golden. Murphy’s set included a comedy routine playing songs from Tenacious D.  Zack’s set included songs from Johnny Cash and Lynard Skynard.

“Music has been a very big part of ZBT,” said Walker. “While not all members play an instrument or sing, a good portion of them are either in marching band, percussion ensemble, the Scotsmen, are music majors or play as a hobby.”

Walker, along with the members of ZBT, said they want to bring music to the campus.

“That’s what we are essentially trying to do with the open mic nights,” said Walker. “Our whole view is that you don’t have to be an amazing musician to play, but to express yourself through something that you love to do.

All of the open mic events lead up to “Zebe Stock” at the end on the year on April 9.

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