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Citizens effect change

October 22, 2010

 It is good to make an impact on the world. It is easy to make small impacts like recycling or giving money to a charity. It also just became easier to make big impacts that can help bring water to families in India or give computers to schools in South America.

On Tuesday Oct. 19, Dan Morrison, founder of Citizen Effect, told Monmouth students how they can be a citizen philanthropist during the ILA convocation. Citizen Effect (CE) is an online service project organization with a mission to provide their citizen philanthropists the tools and networks they need to help communities in need. CE wants everyone to make a real and significant impact on the world.

Anyone can make a difference. Morrison said that he was working with marketing for big companies in Tokyo when he had a revelation. “I didn’t work with anything I was interested in,” said Morrison. That was the moment Morrison knew he had to change his course in life. He then decided to start up a service group, and in 2008, Morrison founded 1Hope which eventually turned into Citizen Effect.

Anybody who signs up to make a difference becomes a CE citizen philanthropist. A citizen philanthropist is anyone who impacts those in need. First of all, it is important to know what is happening in the world so that each country can be helped in the right way.

Morrison went through the facts that we as Americans take for granted. Over 2.8 billion people live on less than $2 each day. Another 2.6 billion people live without sanitary water. 25% of people do not even have electricity. Countries all over the world are in need of help. These facts only prove how heartbreaking some people’s living conditions really are.

So the question then becomes “How can I help?” Morrison has an answer for that. Not only does Morrison want everyone to help people in need, he wants everyone to know the impact they are making.

The first step to becoming a citizen philanthropist is to go to the website. At, anyone can sign up to start their own volunteer project where they become in charge of fundraising and engaging their network of other citizen philanthropists. After a citizen philanthropist has raised enough money, they will then be able to see how their hard work has benefited people in other parts of the world. Seeing the impact is the most rewarding step according to Morrison.

“People actually want to see the impact they are going to have,” said Morrison. “It gives people like us the opportunity to get involved.”

CE currently has 107 projects in progress. Projects range from energy to education, health, food, or even water sanitation. It only takes a click of the computer mouse to have an effect on someone else’s life. Morrison is giving everyone the opportunity to finally lend a hand. Morrison’s only message is to help someone. “My point,” said Morrison “is to do something now.”

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