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Tone your arms in two easy steps

October 29, 2010

This one’s for the ladies. Every women dreams of toned and muscular arms. So here are some tips to help achieve the perfectly toned arms you’ve always wanted.

Two ways for thinning and toning arms:

1. Weight loss

 Having a good diet and staying in shape can only help to improve your body. By eating an unhealthy diet, you aren’t going to achieve the body image you want.

2. Weight training

Working out is an important aspect of getting toned arms. You have to weight train them to achieve the toned arms you want.

If you have a well-designed workout plan and diet you are more likely to get the results you want. Never try and just use weights or just use diet on its own. It is when they are combined that they become effective. Combining the two will give you better results and in the end will be an easier way to achieve your goals. By just doing one or the other, you are going to stay the same weight and your arms aren’t going to become toned.

Getting thin arms involves a sort of luck. Thins arms can be a genetic lucky charm and not everyone can have toned arms. By losing weight and working out your arms with weights, you will significantly improve the shape of your arms. Don’t try to look like a model in a magazine, try to better yourself.

Use heavy weights and low reps when you want to build muscle. Toning your arms is like toning any other part of your body; you want to build muscle so that it is more visible once you lose the fat that is covering it.

If you want thin arms, you should decrease the weight a little to avoid excess size and muscle, by allowing yourself to have a cardio type weight workout that will boost your heart rate and metabolism, which in return will give you the skinny arms you’ve always wanted.

Co-Sports Editor

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