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Eight steps to toned legs

November 5, 2010

Getting the perfect legs you’ve always wanted can be a difficult task, but don’t give up. In time you can achieve your goals and get those sexy legs you want. Here are some tips to help achieve the legs you’ve always wanted:

1. Take it slow

Getting the perfect legs takes time and you have to keep in mind that your goals might take a while to be achieved. If you take it slow then the results will last longer and the workouts will seem easier.

2. Mix it up

Mix up your leg training so you don’t get used to one type of exercising. If you are running long distance, make sure to add shorter more powerful sprints into your workout. If you exercise different parts of the legs every time you workout then you are going to get faster results.

3. Use heavy weight

Women are afraid of using heavy weights because they don’t want to get bulky. Take it slow with increasing weight because you don’t want to hurt yourself. You can build up to a heavier weight.

4. Do hill sprints

One of the hardest forms of exercise you can do. Run these on a regular basis and you will see amazing results for weight loss and leg toning.

5.    Learn to eat well

A healthy diet is the most important aspect of toning your body. If you want toned legs you have to lose the fat.

6.    Drink water

Water helps you lose weight by making you fuller and making your muscles look tighter. Drinking water all throughout the day is an important aspect of exercise because you can seriously injure yourself if you are dehydrated.

7.    Stretch

Part of exercising is keeping your muscles relaxed by stretching before and after every leg workout you do. This is important for the next time you exercise your legs. Never workout when you’re sore unless you want to do a cardio workout and don’t want to gain muscle.

8.    Keep them busy

The best way to keep your legs toned is to stay active and keep moving. By using your legs a lot you will achieve your goals. Sitting on the couch won’t give you your perfect legs. Your legs already do a lot of work during the day but they need to be challenged.

Some leg workouts include: body-weight squats, lunges, wall sits, and step ups.

For the step ups exercise you use a box or stairs. You will step up with one leg and bring your other leg up afterward.  Come back down, and then alternate legs as you continue to step up.  You can choose to do a certain number of repetitions per leg, go for a certain amount of time, or compete against friends.  Over time, you may wish to hold a light weight in your hands such as a dumbbell, a filled water bottle, or any other relatively light object which you can handle during the exercise.

Co-Sports Editor

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