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Football team seeks to keep the Bronze Turkey

November 5, 2010

Saturday, Nov. 6, the Fighting Scots football team will play bitter rival Knox in the annual turkey bowl. The Fighting Scots have won the last 11 meetings but this year the game appears like it might be closer based on the records of the teams this year.

Coach Bell said, “I’m sure Knox believes this is a great opportunity to win the rivalry game … It’s going to be 60 minutes for one team to prove they’re good enough to win the game.”

Since this is such a young team, many of the players have not experienced the rivalry but and coach Bell addressed this.

“It’s a fun game to play in,” claimed Bell. “We have a youthful team with a lot of guys that haven’t played in this type of environment before. It is what it is; it’s neither a plus nor a minus. Our players understand the rivalry. We talk about what the rivalry is about. It’s a healthy rivalry. We just need to take care of our business.”

Junior linebacker Adam Hoste said “In any rival games you throw out the records and you have to bring your A-game. This is Knox’s super bowl; it would make their season if they won this game.” Hoste added, “The atmosphere at this game is so intense. The way their field is set up, you’ve got the fans breathing down your neck and the energy of the fans gets your adrenaline pumping.”

This game decides whether the Scots will have a winning season or not, being 5-4 now.  The season has not gone the way most people thought it would including Hoste. “This season is definitely not what we expect at Monmouth, and we’ve grown accustomed to having winning seasons. With that being said, I’m proud of our team the way we handled some adverse situations and came out with two overtime victories against a couple of the top teams in the conference to spoil their chances of winning conference. We’ve had a lot of young guys get their chance to step up and prove themselves and we’ll be returning 18 starters for next year. We’re not an average team and we don’t expect average results, this offseason we’ll be working hard to get back to our 10-0 potential.”

Co-Sports Editor

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