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Huff wins Student Laureate award

November 5, 2010

Derek Huff, a senior at Monmouth College, will be honored this weekend by the Lincoln Academy. On Nov. 6, Huff will travel to Springfield, Ill., and receive the honor of being named a Student Laureate.

Students who receive this award must be seniors who are heavily involved in extracurricular activities and honor societies at their college. The award also looks for high academic achievement in students, and only one person from every four-year, degree-granting college in Illinois may be nominated for the award.

This year, Huff will be one of 49 students to receive the award. Huff will receive a Medallion of Lincoln, a Certificate of Merit and a small stipend, which will officially make him a Student Laureate.

Huff has been involved with many campus organizations over the years, and started out with PRISM and Phi Delta Theta on the campus.

“I had been asked to help work on founding the Phi Delta Theta chapter here and this gave me a huge insight into how to get involved and where to put my energies,”  Huff said. “I joined PRISM and learned more about ASMC, and I was a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, the honors society for freshmen. These groups all helped me to find enjoyable ways to spend my time.”

Besides being involved in residence life as a head resident, Huff is currently a member of Eta Sigma Phi, which is the classics honor society, assists with Students Organized for Drinking Alternatives (SODA), and tutors.

Huff is also the Student Body Representative for the Monmouth College Student Senate and works with the James Christie Shields Art Collections in the Hewes Library.

In addition, he has also studied abroad in Romania and Italy.

In his spare time, Huff is  applying to law schools in the hopes of going into the field of either international relations or international law.

Huff chose to attend Monmouth College for a variety of reasons.

“I had formulated an idea of what I wanted college to be for me,” Huff said. “My uncle flew me out here and I talked to April Zorn and I ended up choosing to go here. It fit my idea of college.”

On receiving this award, Huff said, “I feel very honored. The school has done more for me than I for it. I plan on doing more for the school in the future.”

In conjunction with the award, Huff will also receive the honor of addressing his graduating class at the 2011 Commencement ceremony.

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