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MC starts new journal

November 5, 2010

A new journal for undergraduate research is in the works at Monmouth College and it seems to be moving forward full-steam.

The brain-child of Monmouth faculty, the journal is staffed by students Ben Peterson, Wesley Teal, Alex Holt, Anthony St. Clair, and Geoff Bird, who will serve as editors for the journal.  The journal will also have faculty advisors: Simon Cordery, Lynn Kessler, Kevin Roberts, Fred Witzig, and Hannah Schell.

The journal, called the “Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research,” serves primarily as a vehicle for undergraduate students to have their research published.

This work will come from students not just at Monmouth, but also schools in the Associated Colleges of the Midwest.

“Our plan is to contact ACM and see if we can gain interest from their student bodies.  We have no formal connection with them right now, but we are considering seeking a connection in the future,” explained the journal’s public relations editor, Ben Peterson.

This means that students ranging from Illinois to Colorado will be able to send their work in for review by the student editors and have the chance to be published in the journal, and the editors are open to research from any discipline.

Peterson applied for an editor position on the journal for several reasons.  “I wanted the experience of working with the research material of others; I think I can say that [all of the editors] have an interest in working with research.  I’m a history and philosophy major, so a lot of what I do is research,” said Peterson.

Even though the journal is still in the early planning stages, copy editor Alex Holt said, “We plan to have an issue out by next year.”

This assurance was echoed by Peterson, “For now the plan is to put out a call for papers and collect material until January, then start the selection process and work on the layout and printing.  We should have the journal out by the end of April at the same time as the honors convocation.”

After the journal gets off the ground, the intention is to publish an edition every semester, making it a biannual journal.

For those interested in having research published, Peterson stated, “We’ll be putting out a call for papers soon, so look forward to this call to submit work for review.”

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