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MC updates registers

November 5, 2010

Monmouth College students should have noticed a new change by now.

As of last week, new registers could be seen wherever food is sold on campus.  The Underground, Scots Market, Einstein’s Bagels, the cafeteria, and Scotland Yard now have brand new registers, and these registers come with a few changes.

One of the biggest changes that students should be aware of regarding the new registers is using their meal plan.

Because of the new registers, the person scanning the IDs can no longer enter in a student’s number to charge their meal plan, so students who forget their IDs will not be able to eat in the cafeteria, unless of course they can find their ID.

This change makes it easier and more efficient for Aramark and the school to plan a budget and see how much students are eating.

It also means they can make sure they are under or over producing.

Also, all the new registers on campus can now charge credit cards.  So if Einstein’s and late night snack runs have eaten up all of a student’s flex dollars, they can still get their fix without having to go to the ATM for cash.
This is likely to create a lot more revenue for the school, and be more convenient for students.

Co-News Editor

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