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Inside the head; Gruber loves the fans, friend or foe

November 12, 2010


Like most sports, the offensive side of the basketball is often glorified and defense gets overlooked, so many players just focus on shooting, but Corey Gruber used this to his advantage. 

“I like playing offense more, but am better at defense. My freshmen year we had a lot of scorers and I didn’t have to score so I focused on defense so I could get more court time.” 

The thing that makes Gruber different from many other players is his well rounded abilities. “Being a point guard, I set other players up a lot. By getting in the lane and drawing other defenders I can dish to them for easy baskets. But I can shoot and defend well so I think I am pretty multidimensional and can do a little of everything well.” 

The one thing Gruber wishes he had is out of his control. “I wish I was a little taller because it would make the game a little easier all around, but, for my size, I still think I can do things most point guards can’t.” 

“In basketball, the only time you get a wide open shot is a free throw, just you against yourself … Plus a gym full of screaming fans.The biggest part is to take a breather and calm down because free throws are often missed because they are rushed. Just slow down and compose yourself before you shoot.” 

Gruber loves taking three-point shots, “It feels different than making a two pointer. We shoot a lot of threes in practice and they can really change the game and it feels great to come through and hit a big one.” 

But three-point shots are not the only shots Gruber likes. “Hitting a shot to end of half or to tie/win a game feels amazing, and always gets you and the team pumped up.” 

However, not every shot goes in. “Missing a big shot affects you for a little bit and you never want to air ball on the road but you have to forget about it and play your game.” 

While missing on the road can bring jeers from fans, Gruber doesn’t mind playing either home or away. “It depends where we play, but I like going where the crowd is. It’s nice on the road because you get hassled a lot so it’s nice to turn to the crowd after doing something good just giving a look.” 

And it’s the fans that make basketball so special for Gruber. “Just being able to play in front of people. The big crowds make it that much more fun.”

Co-Sports Editor

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