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Sales tax to increase 1%

November 12, 2010

A new one percent sales tax increase in Warren County narrowly passed by 26 votes.  The tax will increase Monmouth’s 8.25 sales tax to 9.25, higher than Macomb and Galesburg. 

This tax, scheduled to take effect July 2011, is expected to produce almost $566,050 and $240,746 for the united school districts.  The money will serve as a source of repair money for a school districts.

The money is also intended to make the Monmouth-Roseville School District less dependent on the state, which is already months behind in some of its payments.

While some Monmouth College students are voicing concern over the increased tax and it’s effect on their already tight budgets, most students do not seem particularly concerned with the new tax.

“Cook County, where I’m from, has a 10 percent sales tax,” explained sophomore Leeza Vianakova, “So, 9.25% sales tax … still better than my town.”

Rob Hale, professor of English and longtime resident of Monmouth supported the tax increase saying, “It’s good.  It’s excellent.  We need to fund our schools.  It’s not that much, and it can make a big difference in the quality of our schools.”

For those who want to avoid paying a higher sales tax, there is still may be some hope. Due to the slim margin of passage the county’s absentee ballots could change the outcome of the vote once they are counted.

Absentee ballots are expected to be counted by Nov. 16.

The county board will ultimately decide whether to instate the tax at the full one percent or at a lower fraction of a percent.

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