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Something new to do ‘Afterdark’

November 12, 2010

Monmouth College students may soon have a new night life option. Junior Jack Donnelly has been working for the past few months to open a night club in downtown Monmouth.

Donnelly, a business major, began work on opening the night club just over two months ago, and has already taken big steps toward opening. He began asking students around campus if his idea for a night club was something of interest, and got a lot of positive feedback. From there he made a list of what he needed to do and slowly got overwhelmed.

“Nothing could prepare me for what all it was going to take to open this club,” Donnelly said. “I began not even being able to go out on weekends because I had so much work to do.”

The reasons behind Donnelly’s business plans range from wanting to give students on campus somewhere they can be together in large groups of people, and also wanting to integrate the college more with the city of Monmouth.

 “There has been a lot of cracking down this year,” Donnelly said. “It is hard to have a party, regardless if there is alcohol, with a significant amount of people on campus.”

After he knew that this was something he wanted to pursue further, Donnelly began meeting with realtors as well as Eric Hanson, Monmouth’s city manager, to figure out what steps to take next. It was then that Donnelly found the 59–61  Public Square, formerly occupied by Touch of Country. The building had been vacant since August. Donnelly went to the bank and was approved for a loan to purchase the building.

This past week, Donnelly signed a contract for the building, and had the building go through a series  of inspections. The plan is to close on the building next week. Donnelly also plans to name the club “After Dark.”

Donnelly, who is originally from Chicago, plans to have the club resemble the club scene in the Chicago area.

“This won’t be a typical small town bar,” Donnelly said. “I’m not going to cut corners, I plan on getting all the best stuff and I expect it to be great.”

        After Dark will have a low cover charge, that will be discounted to Monmouth College students. The club will serve basic food and drink, such as water and soft drinks. Although the club is primarily non-alcoholic during normal operating hours, renting out the building will be made available to those of age, where alcohol can be brought in.

Although he has made a large amount of progress towards opening the club, there is still many steps to take towards opening. Donnelly needs to renovate the building’s floor and lighting.

Donnelly said he couldn’t have gotten this far without all the support of the school and the city. He also plans to employ only Monmouth College at After Dark. “I want this to be our [students of Monmouth College] place.”

After Dark plans to be open in the beginning of spring semester, no later than February.

Co-News Editor

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3 Responses to Something new to do ‘Afterdark’

  1. John Slager

    November 12, 2010 at 10:44 am

    thattts my boyyy , this is gonna be awesome. nice haircut jack lol

  2. JGP

    November 12, 2010 at 11:00 am

    Interesting…a good idea and maybe even a good business idea, but I do not see how this club integrates Monmouth College more with the City of Monmouth? Actually, I think it brings more separation. He clearly says “[I] plan to employ only Monmouth College at After Dark. I want this to be our [students of Monmouth College] place.” Is it even legal to employ only Monmouth College students? Is that not discrimination? I think he could be asking for a lawsuit on that one. What is the difference in saying, “I plan on only employing young people or men or women or whites? According to this statement you will not be hired by After Dark if you are not a Monmouth College student. That is illegal! This is not a campus club. This is not a Monmouth College adventure. This is a lace of public business and therefore the public all can apply and be employed there. And then he also says, “After Dark will have a low cover charge, that will be discounted to Monmouth College students”. So, those who are not students at Monmouth College will have to pay more?! How is that integrating and showing the community that Monmouth College and the City of Monmouth can integrate (one gets special treatment over others)?

  3. Dietrich Talsma

    November 13, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    jack is someone who is gonna go far in life,he’ll never give up and that’s why he’s an amazing guy!