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MC-TV transitioning to new set

January 21, 2011

Students who tune in to MC-TV Wednesday at 6 p.m. might be surprised to see the MC-TV anchors in front of a curtain. They have no reason to be alarmed though; the curtain is just part of a transition to a newer set.

“The new set will give students a better looking, more professional tape to show future employers,” MC-TV faculty advisor Chris Goble said.

Early last fall, News Channel 8 WQAD producer Heather Stammen, who graduated from Monmouth in 2007, thought of her alma mater when her employer was in the process of upgrading their current news set to accommodate for high definition broadcasting. Prater then relayed her idea to WQAD anchor Jason Fechner about whether or not the college would have interest in the set.

Fechner e-mailed Joe Angotti, Visiting Distinguished Professor of Communication, about the possibility of donating the set to the college. Angotti relayed the idea to Goble. Ecstatic about the idea, he contacted an old colleague from Channel 8 and explained the college was interested in taking the set for MC-TV.

As the fall semester dwindled down, the previous MC-TV set of blue walls was torn down and thrown out. A U-Haul van then brought the newly donated set from the Quad Cities to the college. Once it was here, Goble discovered that the set was too large to carry up the steps to third floor Wallace Hall and was then transported to Imi Cornelius Equipco, Inc., where the set is being modified to fit the room.

In the meantime, the college has begun repainting the MC-TV studio walls and hopes to have the room and set together by spring break.

Although the time frame for installing the new set is taking longer than anticipated, Goble feels that it is much worth the wait.

“The set will give us a good professional look,” Goble said. “The quality of our product is competitive with what other colleges do, but the quality of our set was not.”

Not only will the new set give the overall look of MC-TV a more professional demeanor, it will also help the students who are involved in the taping of MC-TV weekly.

Channel 8 also has plans to visit Monmouth College once the set is put together in the newsroom and plan to do a story on MC-TV’s set change.

“I believe that this is a beginning of a nice partnership with the station that will continue to only get better,” Goble added.

MC-TV’s first show of the semester will air Jan. 26 at 6 p.m.

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