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ASMC pushes for gen. ed. town hall

January 28, 2011

Tuesday’s Associated Students of Monmouth College meeting introduced a new method for discussing ideas to improve Monmouth College, a parliamentary procedure known as “committee of the whole.”

“The goal is to get students involved,” said ASMC President Trevor Newton. “We want to see discussions.”

The brainchild of Newton, the committee of the whole invokes a senate-wide discussion on a question the executive officers bring before it. According to Newton, the idea began after a challenge from the faculty to get students more involved.

“We took that main idea and transferred it into this agenda today,” said Netwon.

Tuesday’s discussion was centered around the amount of emphasis put on general education classes. The original discussion was supposed to last 10 minutes but was extended an extra five and the senate, seeing a number of various opinions, voted to put it on the agenda of the next Monmouth College Town Hall meeting.

“Tonight, we thought was very successful,” said Netwon on the night of the meeting.

Sen. Kady Patterson suggested removing integrated studies courses like Introduction to Liberal Arts and Global Perspectives while Sen. Tiffany Rodriguez suggested adding more integrated studies classes to the curriculum. Meanwhile, Sen. Pat LeBlanc suggested that the current system be adjusted so that integrated studies classes could count for general education requirements.

“I have not heard the ideas brought up tonight in faculty meetings,” said Newton after the meeting. “These ideas have been brewing awhile. They have not had an outlet.”

Meanwhile, freshman Corbin Beastrom also served as the chamber’s new secretary, taking over from Katie Jerabeck.

“We just wanted to go in a different direction,” said Netwon. “There are no hard feelings between us and Katie or Corbin and Katie. He’s going to do a nice job though.”

Other actions the chamber took Tuesday night:

•Condensed the senate’s former committees in to four larger committees: Student Affairs, Finance, Academic Affairs, and Special Events

•Nominated senators for student representation at faculty meetings

•Discussed interest in new extracurricular clubs

•Announced $8,000 left for appropriation to activities that apply for funding

•Reported early success of the shuttle program

•Reported the progress of the basketball court that will be completed in the spring

•Proposed adding a late night shuttle option and adding new mailboxes to Stockdale to be done by the end of the semester

•Announced new hours for Einstein’s Bagels and that Tortilla will come back to Scotland Yard and be followed by Yomelon

•Accepted a request from the student affairs committee for Fraternity Complex improvements including benches and bike racks

•Expressed desire for the Kilt Club to be reformed to increase crowd involvement

•Discussed the options of a wine club

•Appointed Jeff Skalon  to be the Academic Affairs committee chair

•Acknowledged motion for investigation of solutions for  noise from Einstein’s Bagels in the library

•Acknowledged motion for the investigation of the broken sauna

•Reminded the Senate of the Saturday Knox-Monmouth Dodgeball tournament.

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