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Club sports offer alternative to varsity sports

January 28, 2011

Whether it is basketball, swimming or track, Monmouth College varsity sports are already well underway with the start of the spring semester. However, MC’s four club sports teams (water polo, wrestling, volleyball and lacrosse) also have a lot on the horizon as they await upcoming competitions.

“We have a few open tournaments starting in the middle of March,” said Trevor Newton, president/coach of the club wrestling team. “The open tournaments are a place where all ages can come together and compete. It is a great learning experience.”

As for the men’s volleyball team, its first match is approaching fast as the men will face St. Ambrose University on Feb. 5, and will then compete in a quad match against Northern Illinois University, Augustana College, and Western Illinois University on Feb. 19, in Macomb, Ill.

While water polo and lacrosse do not have any major matches planned yet, aside from a lacrosse scrimmage in February, both teams have set some goals for the semester.

“I really want the sport to gain support from the school,” said Katie Murtagh, coach/player for the women’s lacrosse team. “The girls on the team are dedicated and determined to do their best, which inspires me as a coach.”

Ken Collins, former sportsmanship and safety officer for the water polo team, also has some expectations of the direction he would like to see the team head in, mostly focusing on the long-term.

“Since we are a club [team] I would just really like to see this team keep striving, and keep getting enough players to carry this team’s traditions throughout future years,” said Collins. “I would rather get 10 guys that are willing to play and really don’t know much about the sport, than just recruit one really good guy.”

Newton, and Seth Shallenberger, manager/player for the men’s volleyball team have also expressed interest in having their sport integrated further with the college as Shallenberger hopes the team can start recruiting incoming freshmen, while Newton would like to see the wrestling team become a varsity sport.

“In the past, Monmouth was an extremely competitive wrestling college,” said Newton. “We were at one time National champions. There is no reason that in time, wrestling could not become a varsity sport.”

All the teams practice two to three times a week and encourage those who are interested in joining to come out and give it a shot.

“Anyone is welcome to come out and play, no prior experience is necessary,” said Shallenberger. “We have a good group of guys who come out to every practice ready to work, and our fellow students have been good about supporting us in the past, which we are all very grateful for.”

If interested in joining a club sport, or just want more information about them, contact a representative for each team listed below.


Trevor Newton at

Water Polo:

Josh Dunn at or Jeff Skalon at

Men’s Volleyball:

Seth Shallenberger at or Joe McGavin at

Women’s Lacrosse:

Katie Murtagh at or Cate Sargent at


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