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College acquires new building

January 28, 2011

Monmouth College recently added a new facet to its campus, purchasing and renovating the former K Mart and Equipco building just east of ShopKo. The building, which had been vacant for over two years, currently houses the grounds crew’s equipment and the college’s shuttles. However, this currently tranquil building will see much more activity in the days ahead.

In March, the developmental, alumni relations, and annual fund departments will move from their longtime home in the admissions building on the corner of Broadway and North 6th Street to its new location, titled “North Campus”. Molly Ball, Vice President for Development and College Relations, sees the department move as having positive consequences.

“There really isn’t any other space for us on campus, we’re outgrowing the space. The move will allow us to have more space within which to work, and will even have a conference room,” said Ball.

Ball notes the move was not an action forced upon the aforementioned departments as a function of top-down management; rather, it was a collective decision made by the departments themselves who are currently cramped for available workspace.

Fundraising is a point of emphasis for not only the alumni relations department, but also Monmouth College as a whole, and Ball feels that the move will be positive for all parties involved.

“The point of a good alumni relations department, annual fund, and development department is to be together in one space to create that fundraising synergy and to be able to talk about how we can improve our alumni relations with the college,” said Ball.

The admissions and communications departments will remain in the admissions building. If you have any questions regarding North Campus or the location of any department on campus, contact Susan Gilliland at (309) 457-2323 or Kristi Hippen at (309) 457-2134.

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