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10 steps to lose weight

February 4, 2011

The most popular New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. However, for most people the plan to lose weight only lasts a few weeks. Here are 10 easy steps to help lose weight for a new year’s resolution.

Start off easy– When it comes to losing weight you want to be careful as to not harm your body and become unhealthy. Don’t try to use a diet that gives you little to no calories a day, and don’t start off with hard work outs. Work your way up to your goals of losing weight.

Fix past mistakes– Before you decide your work out plan make sure you know what mistakes you made in the past. Calculate your calorie intake and how much you lose per day.

Make a plan– Before you start exercising make a plan of what you want to do each day. Write down how many miles you are going to run or walk. Also make a meal plan of how many calories you will intake.

Do exercises you love– Find a work out you enjoy. If you dread running three miles then try something new. Experiment with different exercises until you find something you really like to do because then you will be more likely to continue exercising.

Make your own plan– Make your own diet plan because Weight Watchers along with other diet plans are often strict, expensive, and hard to follow. Create a diet that fits you and the foods you enjoy.

Take small steps– You know what they say, “slow and steady wins the race.” This is the same for getting in shape. Don’t try hard work outs at first. Start small then increase as you go. The more you push yourself past your limits in the beginning, the more likely you will burn yourself out. This is the same for healthy eating. If you ease into it, you will be more likely to find healthy foods you enjoy.

No more deadlines– Don’t put deadlines on weight loss. Your weight fluctuates daily due to water weight. If you plan on building muscle, then you are going to gain more weight but you will be more tone. Put away the scale. I believe that your progress should be measured by how you feel/look, not how much you weigh.

Set goals for yourself– Setting a fitness goal for yourself can help keep you motivated throughout the year. Whether it’s running a marathon or being able to do 10 real push-ups. If you set these specific goals, then you are more likely to keep active and have the motivation to exercise every day.

Encourage others– Help encourage your family and friends to get in shape also. By showing off your new in shape body, they might be convinced to join you at the gym.

Give yourself a high-five– It’s easy to get down on yourself when you skip work outs for a few days or give in to the chocolate temptations. Turn it around and give yourself a pat on the back when you’re doing well. Take notice of small improvements you make throughout the year, because these small accomplishments are things you weren’t doing before and are signs that you are becoming healthier.

Sports Editor

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