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A.R.T. attempts to bring different faiths together

February 11, 2011

There are numerous organizations on Monmouth College for students to become involved with. One organization, that was created just over a year ago, has been opening doors for students that are curious about different religions around the world.

Alternative Religious Traditions (A.R.T.) is an interfaith council that was started in the fall of 2009 and has set goals to bring more religious diversity to the campus.

The organization also strives to teach students and faculty members about various religious groups that are of interest.

“The reason we started it was because there was not an existing group on campus that we felt we could comfortably be a part of, as members of a different faith,” said junior Sarah Mathis.

The group meets weekly, every Thursday at 8 p.m. to discuss various aspects of religion, as well as different religious communities.

Mathis not only helped found the organization, but also serves as the Presidential Secretary.

“There are five presidents, but each of us perform a different function,” said Mathis. “The reason we have five presidents is to create an executive board with equal power.”

Aside from meetings on campus, A.R.T. has also planned and taken a trip to Nauvoo to visit the Mormon community, as well as attended a Quaker service. The organization is also in the midst of planning several more trips this semester.

Not only does A.R.T. work with students and faculty on the Monmouth College campus, they also reach out into the community for service projects.

Currently, A.R.T. has been gathering money and school supplies to make school supply bundles for local high school students next fall.

“This is a really great organization and we really want to see more students and faculty involved in it,” said Mathis. “I really hope to see this because we need more members in order to keep it going next year.”

Anyone interested in Alternative Religious Traditions should contact Mathis at

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