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ASMC debates noise, bicycles, tenure

February 11, 2011

During Tuesday’s Associated Students of Monmouth College meeting, Student Affairs Representative Derek Huff followed up on a request from the Jan. 25 meeting to investigate and remedy the large amount of noise coming from Einstein Bros. Bagels in Hewes Library. He reported that he talked to Bruce Cvancara, Director of Food Service, and that Cvancara had asked the staff to be quiet. However, some ASMC senators feel that not enough has been done.

“It’s not [expletive] right,” said Sen. Greg Dortch. “It’s a library.”

Dortch accused the ASMC executive board of downplaying the issue, citing the fact that the library has added tables to the upper and basement levels as proof the noise has become a significant issue for students who study in the library.

“I feel like you shouldn’t have to retreat for silence in the library,” said Dortch. “It [Einstein Bros. Bagels] does not belong in the library, plain and simple.”

In other business, the senate approved a motion to amend the Scots Guide to include fines for damage to the Scots Cruiser bicycles. The fines for minor damages to the bikes range from $15 to $50. In addition, the late return of a bicycle will cost the borrower $25 per day for the first three days past the bike’s scheduled return. If the bicycle is not returned by the end of the third day, an additional $125 will be charged to the student, bringing the total to $200, and the bike will be considered lost.

One of the major discussions of the night was the committee of the whole question, which asked whether students should have some say in the tenure of a professor. While the matter was discussed for 15 minutes, no additional actions or recommendations other than discussion were taken.

The chamber generally agreed that students should have some say in the tenure of a professor with Dortch believing his tuition money is an investment in the school so he should get  some say in who the school invests to teach him and other students. On the other hand, some senators worried about skewed opinions from students which would result in good, yet challenging, professors to be denied tenure.

Senators disagreed in the best methods for students to judge professors, with the end-of-term evaluations getting low marks from the crowd.

“Evaluations don’t do [expletive],” said Sen. Kevin Ross. A number of senators who were opposed to using the evaluations to judge professor performance gave suggestions like having random administrative evaluations for professors. Some, like Sen. Kady Patterson, suggested that students take the initiative and have the option of more involved ways to express their opinions.

Other actions the chamber took Tuesday night:

• Invited non-ASMC members to come to meetings and take part in discussions even though they do not have a vote.

• Recapped the new senator training.

• Announced that ASMC will soon vote on a constitution for Campus Outreach and that a Human Rights Club is in the process of organizing and writing a constitution.

• Reminded senators to apply for funding at last Wednesday’s funding cycle meeting.

• Announced that the Student Affairs Representative position will soon be vacant and asked interested senators to contact President Trevor Newton or Vice President Natalie Lister about filling the position.

• Announced that Tatter Bakers will be in Scotland Yard next week and that Midwinter Mexican Night will be coming up in the cafeteria.

• Reminded students to avoid smoking near the cafeteria because of food quality issues.

• Looked at resolving the poor campus communication in regards to canceling classes for the snow day several weeks ago.

• Discussed an all-campus charity event on Scots’ Eve.

• Reminded students of the Post-Baccalaureate opportunities at Monmouth College.

• Announced upcoming campus events.

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