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Health: How to get nothing ‘butt’ the best

February 11, 2011

Every woman dreams of the perfect butt. Most women think their butts are too small, big or saggy. The proper cardiovascular exercise with weight training can help you achieve the perfect back side you’ve always wanted.

Here are five easy steps to achieve your goals and get the butt you desire.

Step 1

Squats are the best exercise you can do for your butt, thighs, and hips. Squats can also help build strength for daily activities. How to do a squat: Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and slowly bends at the knees. Act as if you’re sitting in a chair and push on your heels to stand back up straight. Add weights for a more intense work out.

Step 2

Lunges work so many muscles at once. They also burn. To increase the intensity add dumbbell weights and squat with those in your hand. On your front leg you will work your glute and hamstring muscles, and on your back leg, you’ll work your quad and calf muscles.

Step 3

Step Ups: place one foot on a step then push your other leg up and lift the opposite leg up so your knee is at a 90-degree angle. Working up to a higher step will increase intensity but use a smaller step to start off with. This is a good exercise for your glutes.

Another key to this exercise is to put all your weight on the leg your stepping on. Taking it slow will make the exercise work more accurately. Lower the opposite leg down gently, barely touching the ground with your toe.

Step 4

Hip extensions specifically target the largest muscle in the body, the gluteus maximus. For this exercise, you can add a dumbbell between the knees for an increase in intensity.

Step 5

One-legged dead lifts are great for working your hamstrings, butt, and your lower back. This exercise helps to gain muscles that will help to keep your body balanced. If you have back problems, you should not do this exercise.

How to: take your left leg back slightly and lightly rest on your toe. With the free weights in front of your thighs, lower the weight as far as your hips will tip, meaning how flexible your hips are. Keep your back at a natural arch or completely flat. To protect your back, make sure your abs are contracted. Squeeze your glute muscles of the working leg to raise yourself back up.

More cardio-based exercises you can do to help improve your butt muscles include: hiking, biking, running, kick boxing, walking.

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