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Inside the head: Jones describes team as family

February 11, 2011

She shoots, she scores! Junior Haley Jones knows how to shoot and guard her team in the right direction.

Having played basketball since she was three, it is not a surprise that she has helped lead the Monmouth College women’s basketball team to a hopeful conference championship.

“I think up to this point, our season has been pretty good,” said Jones. “We have lost some non-conference games that we should have won, but we are second in the conference to St. Norbert, who we almost beat at home over the weekend. Everything is coming together at the right time and it’s been very exciting.”

Just like every sport, there takes some commitment to reach your goals. Jones plays shooting guard for team and the key to this position is obvious.

“Well, the obvious answer is shooting, but it takes a lot more other stuff before you can shoot,” said Jones.

Along with commitment come fear. “My biggest fear when playing basketball would probably be getting another concussion or it’s a close game with not much time left and running a certain play wrong,” states Jones.

Her favorite thing about the game is not just the competition but also the team itself. Jones says, “We’re a family, we basically eat lunch and dinner together. A lot of us watch TV shows together and do our homework together.”

Having a mentor and role model helps to keep Jones playing skills up to par and also helps keep her motivated.

“For my role model I would probably have to say my dad. He played here in college, and I’ve heard how good he was from a lot of different people. He taught me how to play since I was little. I have played a ton of basketball games in my career, and I can count on one hand how many games he’s missed. He’s always there which is mostly a good thing–unless it was a bad game,” said Jones.

Before coming to play basketball at Monmouth College, Jones played at Illinois Central College in East Peoria.

“Coach Bittner had recruited me out of high school, and she still recruited me after ICC. I came to a couple of open gyms and I liked the girls right away so I knew I would be able to adjust well here.  The campus is great and close to home, and I was familiar with it because my brother had just graduated from here,” said Jones.

“We hope to be Midwest Conference tournament champions. That’s our ultimate goal and if we keep playing like we have been that goal is very attainable,” said Jones.

In the past home game Wednesday Feb. 9, against Grinnell College she proved how well she does her job as shooting guard. Jones made all four of her 3-point attempts and helped the Scots take down Grinnell 64–51 bringing them one step closer to their championship goals. Jones led the Scots with a game-high 21 points.

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