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* MC in the Snow *

February 11, 2011

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for Monmouth students that night:

The college had yet to cancel class though all thought it might.

And when Western closed its campuses, and Knox did the same,

A fresh hope fell upon them that the snow might Monmouth tame.

A sleepy few gave into the lure of their beds. The rest

Clung to that hope which springs eternal in the human breast;

They thought, if only MC could let one day of class go

They could enjoy the true beauty of MC in the snow.

But Sandberg preceded MC, and also Bradley U,

And the former showed wisdom and the latter did too;

So upon those optimistic students new hope did grow,

For there seemed good chance of enjoying MC in the snow.

But Quinn closed down the government, for the safety of all,

And even the U of I wouldn’t challenge such snowfall;

And when the snow had fallen, and all saw what had occurred,

The idea that Monmouth wouldn’t close also seemed absurd.

Then we thirteen-hundred and fifty sighed with great relief;

The time until Monmouth closed its doors surely must be brief;

From dorm through the storm we couldn’t be expected to go,

For MC, mighty MC, was smothering in the snow.

There was ease in MC’s indifference to the swirling storm;

There was pride in MC’s bearing, old MC true to form.

And when, snubbing safety and reason, it watched the gale blow,

No student or worker could doubt ‘twas MC in the snow.

Ten thousand students and more would not in this weather go

For their schools had closed from Arkansas up to Chicago.

Then while the gusting wind blew snow, obscuring all from sight,

Defiance gleamed in MC’s eye, a sneer showed MC’s spite.

And the snow fell heavier and heavier through the air,

And MC stood a-watching it in haughty grandeur there.

Why the college refused to close went right above our heads,

“Classes are in,” said MC. “Like hell,” the snow storm said.

From commuters and residents went a up muffled roar,

Like the beating of ice-waves on stern Lake Michigan’s shore.

Still, classes came at 8:00 a.m. through waist-high snow they trudged,

Employee and commuter safety MC begrudged.

With no smile of Christian charity MC made them go

At nine a.m. to classes trudging through the waist-deep snow.

Slipping and sliding many a student ankle was sprained,

But MC still ignored them, and to all appeared bird-brained.

“Closed!” cried the radio and the newspaper echoed closed;

But no scornful look from MC could halt this lie disclosed.

The students, damp and frostbitten, in classes they were kept

And they knew that MC would continue to act inept.

The snow blew around MC’s halls, in an unrelenting gale,

Worse than when it closed last year for a bit of ice and hail.

To students, the false news of closure seemed heaven sent,

And now new hope filled them; finally, might MC relent.

Oh, somewhere in this favored college, cars are frozen tight;

Maintenance is still clearing sidewalks working hard until night.

And among them students are laughing, happily they shout;

For there is now joy in Monmouth — mighty MC was snowed out.

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