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Men’s v-ball spikes for success

February 11, 2011

Since its inaugural season a few years ago, the MC men’s volleyball team has been making progress as a club sport.

“Simply getting better is always a priority,” said senior Adam Kinigson.

The 2011 season started Feb. 5 at St. Ambrose University. The fighting Scots played St. Ambrose, Bradley University and Augustana.

“We were a little rusty,” said starting libero Kinigson. “We hadn’t competed against another school since before winter break, so we’re still shaking out the cobwebs.”

The Scots are excited about the improvements they’ve seen within the team, but there is still room for improvement.

“Consistency is still an issue we need to work on,” Kinigson said.

Communication is a concern for the team, but they are optimistic that all the wrinkles will be ironed out soon and the team will be on the road to success.

Kinigson was quick to thank Coach Shimmin and several members of the women’s volleyball team. Kinigson said, “they’ve taught us a lot about the game and they’ve helped make us better, smarter players.”

The team has continued to grow each year with more and more men showing interest in the usually female-dominated sport.

“Even now I think we’re in a growing stage, but it’s a good sign that we’re moving forward,” said Kinigson.

The learning curve has been steep for the Scots in recent years but the Scots are open to more experienced competition.

“We haven’t played volleyball for as long as a lot of the other schools have,” said Kinigson. “Steady competition with veteran teams will automatically make us stronger.”

The Scots hope that combined with the success they have already achieved, the hard work they put in will allow the team to achieve the goals that they have set in motion.

Kinigson said, “The past few years playing with these guys, it’s clear to me they all care about winning. Some of them might say they’re out there to have fun, but if you look at their faces after we score, or give up a big point, you’ll know they care about winning.”

Kinigson ended by saying, “I’ve always felt if you’re playing to have fun, winning is a good way to make that happen.”

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