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Mr. Attraction returns to Monmouth

February 11, 2011

With Valentines Day just around the corner, A.S.A.P hosted a very fitting After Hours Wednesday, Feb. 9, as comedian and Ryan Clauson, also known as “Mr. Attraction,” visited Monmouth College for the second year in a row.

Last year, Ryan Clauson attracted nearly 200 students with his interactive presentation on attraction and dating.

“We really try to listen to what the student body wants,” said A.S.A.P. co-chair Emily Orenstein.  “Last year, the campus really enjoyed Ryan Clauson and really appreciated what he had to say.  Because this went so well, we thought it would be fun to have him back.”

Clauson has been considered a dating coach for the past five years and has been traveling around the United States for the past three years to speak about his experiences.

“I used to be terrible with women. Throughout high school and the beginning of college,” Clauson said. “I never went on dates, or even kissed a girl.”

It was then that one of Clauson’s friends told him that he should try to learn dating as a skill, such as learning to play an instrument or riding a bike.

“I thought he was crazy,” Clauson said.

Clauson said he took his friend’s advice and started talking to people, especially women. He started finding patterns on how to make people feel comfortable during conversation.

After working with people, he began researching social dynamics and body language. As he learned more and more, he quickly found himself changing with a new outlook on life.

“I was always a very nervous, awkward, and shy,” Clauson said. “I found myself being able to approach people, and I learned that was the most important thing to learn in life.”

From then on, Clauson wanted to share with people what he had learned and the changes he made in his life. He began traveling around the world using comedy as a way to teach people how to be attractive to others and to be social.

“He gets people up and moving,” said A.S.A.P. adviser Danielle Tucker.

Just like last year, Clauson attracted a full audience for his performance.

“The event went very well, Orenstein said. “We had good attendance, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.”

Thursday, Feb. 10, A.S.A.P will host Callie Walker from MTV’s “The Real World” to discuss body image at 8 p.m. in the Wells Theatre.

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