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Sororities recruit new members

February 11, 2011

For the first time in many years, all three Monmouth College women’s fraternities are holding spring continuous open bidding.

The women of Alpha Xi Delta, Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Kappa Gamma have held events including an ice cream  social and a movie party.

“Continuous open bidding describes the ongoing process of recruitment used by men’s and women’s fraternities,” said Daniel Reck, Assistant Director of Greek Life, Leadership and Involvement. “Although there are periods of formal recruitment in the fall, sometimes called ‘rush,’ all of the fraternal organizations continue seeking qualified members after that time.”

The women’s fraternities also held social events like game nights and philanthropic events, such as making Valentine’s Day cards for the local nursing home. With each gathering the current members of the three women’s fraternities learned more about their new recruits. An important part of their recruitment process was assessing the qualities of the potential new members.

“We always look for the positives in girls,” said Jennell Oddo, Kappa Kappa Gamma membership chairman. “We look for girls that show a sense of leadership. It’s important to look for girls that have these abilities because they will be taking over the chapter once everyone else graduates. Most importantly we look for girls that we will share a common bond with and that fit our chapter’s dynamic.”

Jennifer Wheeler, vice president of membership for Pi Beta Phi also expressed the importance of making sure recruits feel comfortable with their decision to join a women’s fraternity, regardless of which one they choose.

“We encourage members to find the best fit for them,” said Wheeler.  “If a recruit feels that Kappa Kappa Gamma or Alpha Xi Delta is a better fit, we encourage them to go through with this. Our chapter can only be strong if the community that we are collectively joining efforts with is recruiting the best members possible. Although, we want to recruit women for our sorority, we ultimately want them to join Greek Life as whole.”

The decision to join Greek Life in the first place is a big one and should be considered carefully by recruits before accepting their bid.

“The biggest thing a woman going through recruitment, formal or informal, should take in to consideration is how she feels when interacting with the women of the sorority,” said Michelle Hutchinson, membership vice president for Alpha Xi Delta.

While the idea of joining a fraternity may seem appealing to some people, a lot of students may have a negative stereotype about what it means to “go Greek.” However, Reck offered some positive words about MC’s Greek Life system and how one cannot always believe what they see on TV.

“Interestingly, as different as all seven of Monmouth’s fraternities are, they all strive for the same ideal: to help their members grow and develop, to succeed academically and in their careers, and to conduct their lives with honor and respect,” said Reck. “Real life in a men’s or women’s fraternity is nothing like what you see on TV. Most of the time, people who aren’t interested in Greek Life think that way because they’ve been turned off by popular media portrayals and stereotypes. The only way to break down those stereotypes and misunderstandings is by demonstrating the true virtues of fraternity life through daily actions.”


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