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The only thing creepier than this is your roommate

February 11, 2011

Needless to say, my roommate and I were extremely excited about seeing “The Roommate.” For weeks leading up to it’s release, we made sure to stare while the other tried to sleep, appear out of nowhere, and otherwise try to freak each other out.

I’m happy to say the movie did not disappoint. The film itself is an adaptation of the 1992 horror film “Single White Female.”

In “Single White Female,” a woman breaks up with her fiancé and decides to find a roommate, a roommate who later becomes utterly psychotic. In “The Roommate,” a young girl goes to college and is assigned a roommate who is, of course, utterly disturbed.

The movie did get off to a rough start, though. The hardest thing for me to get past was the main character’s simpering toddler voice with which she delivered her lines. It’s painful, it’s distracting, and almost ruined the movie for me.

However, the biggest shock for me was that Leighton Meester (of “Gossip Girl” fame), not only performed her role with chilling creepiness, but was the character that saved the movie for me.

Everything from her voice to her demeanor put my nerves on edge, but in a good way. She couldn’t be any further from her preppy, stuck-up “Gossip Girl” Blair Waldorf persona (well, she’s still filthy rich. It must be written somewhere in her contract). She was creepy when she talked, she was creepy when she stared, and she was even creepy when she slept.

As for the actual “horror” factor, the movie relies heavily on what I think of as “boo!” scenes. These are the type of scenes that are the cinematic equivalent of your friend hiding around a corner and jumping out at you to scream “boo!” It got me every single time, but it always feels like a cheap sort of horror, especially when it’s as frequent as it was in “The Roommate.”

There are enough disturbing and tense scenes that the movie isn’t completely dominated by it.

I thoroughly enjoyed “The Roommate” once I adapted to the main character’s voice. It is a genuinely creepy movie, if not the full-on horror film it was billed as.  I recommend you see it, if only to watch Meester’s star performance.

Nice job Meester, you actually managed to wrench some praise from my highly critical heart.

Assistant News Editor

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