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You better shape up

February 18, 2011

It’s your turn guys because you need to stay in shape as well. Here are 10 easy tips to stick to your work out and be the muscle man you’ve always wanted to be.

Step 1

Tie exercise to your health by understanding how important it is for you to begin working out now if you want to be healthy when you’re older. Exercising isn’t just about looking “buff” or getting all the ladies, it’s just important to be healthy.

Step 2

Make a “friendly” bet with someone you don’t particularly like because then it will be more fun to beat that person. Bet who can lose 15 pounds faster or run a six mile race. Any type of competition is going to make your exercise juices flow and competing against someone you want to beat makes it more fun when you are successful.

Step 3

Compete because we all know Americans in general, especially men are very competitive. Find an event you enjoy and compete in it. Join an intramural or a club sport to keep active.

Step 4

Plan your work outs in advance because then you will more likely stick to what you plan. Write it down in months so you can cross out each work out after you’ve done it. This will also give you a feeling of accomplishment.

Step 5

Squat first because it’s important to start with the lifting you dread. This way you can get it down and have the easier stuff to finish off with when you’re more tired.

Step 6

Don’t do what you hate. If you’re sick of the same routine then change it up. If you are doing an exercise you hate like running, then change to jump roping or a more intense weight lifting.

Step 7

Go through the motions. Some days you don’t feel like exercising but it’s important to stick to your plan. For that day do something you really enjoy and if you’re still feeling down then just go home. At least you did some sort of exercise for the day.

Step 8

Make your goals attractive. Decide what you want to bench and work up to your goal. It will feel great when you reach it and then over achieve it.

Step 9

See your body through her eyes. Ask your significant other what they think is attractive on a guy. Whatever she answers with work on each for four weeks.

Step 10

Buy a year’s worth of protein. Most guys believe that supplements will help them get their bodies more in shape. So keep this up and it will keep you motivated to keep exercising and eventually reach your goals.

“For college students it’s good for them to be active and make time for them to work out by reducing stress from school and stay fit and healthy which will keep a fast metabolism,” said junior Ken Collins.

Sports Editor

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