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Holt, Shipp run for ASMC

April 8, 2011

For the second year in a row, the race for President and Vice President of the Associated Students of Monmouth College (ASMC) has only one ticket running. Junior Alex Holt and Sophomore Katie Shipp started their run for the presidency and vice presidency, respectively, this semester without opposition. While some might celebrate an easy win, both Shipp and Holt expressed their frustration.

“It’s kind of disappointing that there aren’t that many people who want to be more involved in student senate.” Shipp said.

Holt expressed similar discontent.

“While it is nice to get the position you want,” he said, “it’s really nice to have it legitimized and know that it was a fair contest. It would have been nice to see some more student interest.”

Even though the pair was unchallenged, Holt and Shipp still needed to collect the 300 signatures necessary to run. To get the support necessary, both Holt and Shipp visited classrooms, campaigned, and tried to garner interest around campus.

“Greek life was a huge support,” Holt said, “I went around to Greek chapter meetings and explained what I was doing to see if they wanted to come out and support me. They all signed the petition and that really boosted our numbers. Greek life makes up, I think, twenty percent of the student body, so really I’d like to thank them.”

Both Holt and Shipp have a long history of involvement with in the Student Senate. Holt first served during his freshman year as the representative for the Sigma Phi Episilon Fraternity, and realized he had a passion for it. Over the subsequent years he worked on the financial committee, led the newly formed I.T. committee, and later ran the financial committee as the 2010-2011 ASMC Treasurer.

Shipp, while only in her second year here, has already been actively involved on the Senate. She initially started as the Grier Hall representative, and started her sophomore year as the elections committee chair, which she had to step down from in order to run.

Both Shipp and Holt agreed that they have similar ideas and hopes for the future of the senate, which is why they chose to run together.

“We both want to get involvement up, so that we can hear more about what the students want.” Shipp explained. “We want to increase the amount of people coming to Senate so we know what they want from us; from their time here.”

Holt also put emphasis on focusing on smaller, more realistic improvements that can help every student.

“I want to do little things that it would be really easy to do and would affect everybody on a daily basis.” Holt elaborated. “That’s what I really want to do. Things like getting more fresh fruit in the cafeteria or shower caddies so you don’t have to put your soap on the ground. People have these huge ideas that they want to see get done, and by the time the idea gets done it’s totally different than what is wanted, and therefore doesn’t get used.”

Both hope that there work will help the student body realize that the ASMC exists for the students and not as its own organization. They are optimistic that they’re ability to agree and work together will enable them to create a lot of improvements quickly in the upcoming year.

Assistant News Editor

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