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Letter to the Editor

April 8, 2011

In The Courier’s April 1 issue, there was a comment in the article, “ATO, Phi Delt to move to different houses” article.  The quote was, “…as the men prepare to move to the complex, they have had issues filling all spots because of the fraternity’s dry housing policy.”

Phi Delta Theta has no issue “dealing” with our dry housing policy.  The difficulty filling the house comes from the fact that we have 10 graduating seniors, along with four resident assistants hired for the 2011-2012 school year.

It is no coincidence we have earned the award of Excellence in Campus Leadership and Involvement.  Seeing as we have 42 active members at this point in time, subtract the 14 that already cannot live in the house, and yes math majors that means there are only 28 potential members to live in the house.  This leaves us only nine members that will not be an RA that will be living outside the house in the upcoming year, all of which already made arrangements before Phi Delta Theta was sure of moving into the new home.

Our current home only houses a maximum of nine members and we have 19 men that will live in the new house.  What that says is there have been 10 brothers waiting for the opportunity to live in the house, yes the one that has a dry housing policy.  We never have to concern ourselves with cleaning up for a quiet, clean area to either relax or study.

This isn’t saying that wet houses have to always worry about picking up these messes, but our chapter never has to worry over this.  Dry housing leads to an overall more peaceful living space.  So is this policy an issue for Phi Delta Theta?  Quite the contrary, it is a benefit.

John Cayton, 12

Phi Delta Theta President

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