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Try not to get burnt out; tan safely

April 8, 2011

Many college students want a good tan. Even though it is an unhealthy habit, there are ways to make it safer and reduce the risks of skin cancer. Here are five steps to healthy tanning that reduce the risks, but give you the tan skin you’ve always wanted.

Step 1- Exfoliate your skin before your tan. Do this by taking a warm shower a couple hours before you go tanning. Use a loofah or washcloths to remove dead or dry skin. After you have dried your whole body put on moisturizer.

Step 2- Clean the tanning bed before your use it. This ensures that all the exposed areas of your skin will be clean.

The tanning place in town cleans each bed before and after someone uses them. If you want to make sure they are extra clean though, bring your own disinfecting wipes.

Step 3- Wear bikini bottoms while tanning. This will allow your body to avoid getting infections or skin diseases from people who has used the bed before.

Step 4- Apply lotion with a small amount of SPF. This will allow the body to tan instead of burn.

Beginning tanners should only go for 5-10 minutes three times a week and advanced tanners can go 15-25 minutes three times per week.

Do not overdue yourself because this is where the risks of getting skin diseases increase. Also, if you feel really hot in the bed, get out, because that means you are getting burnt.

Step 5- Use eye protection. It is not safe to have your eyes exposed to the UV rays. By wearing eye protection you can still open your eyes if needed. If you do not want to get the raccoon eyes caused by the goggles then make sure to keep your eyes closed at all times while tanning.

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