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KKG and SOUP sponsor movie

April 15, 2011

According to Lauren Parsekian and Molly Stroud, the creators behind the documentary “Finding Kind,” girl on girl bullyingis a serious issue in American schools. The documentary, which is being sponsored by Kappa Kappa Gamma and Students Organized to Unite People (SOUP) was shown on Wednesday evening in the HT Lecture Hall.

“‘Finding Kind’ is a documentary about girl on girl bullying,” said Nicole Olin, one of the Kappas hosting the documentary. “The two girls  are from California and after they graduated college they decided to put together the ‘kind campaign’ and start a documentary of how out of hand bullying between girls has gotten. They traveled around America with a camera man and their moms and did interviews to put together their documentary.”

Karissa Inman, president of SOUP, said that the event is being hosted to help spread awareness as a part of LGBT Awareness Week.

“The movie event is part of Students Organized to Unite People’s awareness week leading up to the Day of Silence,” she said. “The goal of the movie is to shed a light on bullying in all aspects while teaming up with another organization. While the majority of the week does focus on LGBT issues, we are also trying to spread out our resources, for instance the movie with Kappa, as well as an informational sex-education night.”

KKG and SOUP hope to better educate individuals by hosting the movie.

“The hope is that the people attending the movie will understand the harmful effects of name calling, teasing, rumors, violence and bullying in general,” said Inman.

Olin also has a similar idea to Inman’s.

“I hope that by showing this film that it will open the eyes of others and help them spread awareness of bullying,” said Olin.

“The event is not just for women,” said Inman. “The movie will hopefully help everyone here at MC understand that every word has meaning, and if someone is using words of hate, they have a deep emotional effect on the individual being targeted.”

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