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Monmouth celebrates what it means to be a Scot

April 15, 2011

Scots Day is a widely celebrated holiday for all of Monmouth College’s students. It is a day to celebrate the founding of the college and enjoy a day free from classes. All of the celebrating begins on Scots Eve which takes place on Monday, April 18, with Scots Day following on Tuesday, April 19.

This year ASAP will be in charge of many of the programs held on the two days of celebration. Scots Eve will start with ASAP providing tie-dye and shirts for students to decorate along with free popcorn and snow cones.

This will be followed by a concert in the Huff Athletic Center by musician Tyrone Wells at 7 p.m.

SODA and Up ‘til Dawn  are also teaming up and hosting various events on Scots Eve in the Huff Athletic Center.

“Since Scots Eve is Monmouth College’s most popular party day, it stands to reason that SODA will strive to combat the rampant insobriety implied by Scot’s Eve,” said SODA member Patrick LeBlanc. “As such, we will be utilizing our most popular programming venue — the Huff Athletic Center.”

According LeBlanc, SODA will be providing badminton, basketball, dodgeball, videogames, and free wings and pizza until 6 a.m.

Following the popular TV show “Minute to Win It,” Up ‘til Dawn will also be providing Twister, kickball, and other obstacle games, including the pool, until 2 a.m.

Justine Szymkowiak, explained that Up ‘til Dawn will be raffling off coupons for many local restaurants and pizza places.

“The raffle tickets will be twenty-five cents each or five for a dollar,” said Szymkowiak.

Along with selling raffle tickets, Up ‘til Dawn will be accepting donations to support St. Jude. Prizes will be given out to anyone who donates.

“The prizes range from t-shirts, sunglasses, to movie coupons,” said Szymkowiak. “It depends on the amount of donation on which prize you will get.”

These events are all that is planned for Scots Eve, but with no class the next day, students will have the all of Scots Day to enjoy the other events groups around campus have planned. According to senior Stephanie Steele, Scot’s Day has always been a memorable day for her.

“Scot’s Day is always a sunny day,” explained Steele. “It happens right at the end of the semester, so it’s a perfect day to relax and not worry about the stresses of homework or class.”

There is a downside to Scot’s Day, however. Even though Steele enjoys sleeping in on days where she has no classes, she gets a free wakeup alarm every Scot’s Day.

“The bagpipes…”began Steele, “they come around at six in the morning every year. It is really cool when you’re a freshman and not expecting them.”

Besides the bagpipes, there are plenty of events scheduled all day Tuesday to keep everyone busy. Kylie Eaton, who is a co-chair for Scot’s Day on the ASAP board, named off several events that will be taking place Tuesday.

“On Scot’s Day there will be a lot of activities going on,” said Eaton. “ASAP will be having a mechanical bull, a gladiator joust, twin peaks inflatables, and a dunk tank where faculty and students will be dunked.”

Eaton also explained that ASAP will host events where students have the opportunity to win Flex dollars. This year, the theme for Scot’s Day is ‘Super Heroes.’ ASAP plans to follow theme by providing themed food and costumes as well.

Along with all the games, Scot’s Day is also a day to focus on academics. In years past, Steele explained that scholarships are announced at an Honors Convocation in Dahl Chapel and many upperclassmen give presentations as well.

“We are trying to [bring] more academic achievement into Scot’s Day,” explained Eaton, “so we will have more of a focus on academics this day as well.”

The Honors Convocation will take place at Dahl Chapel on Tuesday, April 18, at 11 a.m.

Scot’s Day is already next week. It will be a day to enjoy the founding of our college and take a break from busy schedules.

“It’s really a day to honor our founders,” said Steele. “It’s a chance to relax before finals.”

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