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Scotlight spotlights talent

April 15, 2011

Thursday night’s annual Scotlight talent show provided the Monmouth College campus with various forms of musical entertainment, poetry readings and even a case of multiple personalities.

The 17 act show lasted two and a half hours, just short of the 2010 show, which ran three hours. Altogether, Blue Key, the sponsors of the show, raised over $450 for the Monmouth Park Program, a summer camp for kids.

Michael Cook, who performed a drum solo, won the show. Connor Shields, who performed an original piece on his guitar claimed second and Brooke John earned third with a spoken word piece.

Almost Famous 2.0, a band composed of professor Jeff Roegner, Anna Bradac, Gavin Halpin and Ben Peterson opened the show with covers of “The Thrill is Gone” by BB King and Robert Johnson’s “Sweet Home Chicago” with guest harmonicist professor Dick Johnson.

Two acts later, Johnson performed a solo with his harmonica. Johnson was not the only performer who appeared in more than one act. Ryan Koresko and Josh McEwen also appeared in two acts: one where they played Josh Thompson’s “Way Out Here” and one where they covered Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson’s “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Kelsi Ryan and Cyrus Turner.

“We’re hicks, so this is country music,” Korseko proclaimed to the audience.

Rather than cover popular songs, some acts performed original material. However, this did not turn out as expected for Legacy 23.

Legacy 23, a local band comprised of Cody Rogers, Ian Smith, Matt Smith, Allyson Frazier and Brandon Oullete, were in the midst of performing their first song on stage when the G-string on Ouellete’s guitar broke. The band finished a second song before exiting the stage. However, Ouellette was scheduled to go on for the next act with Frazier and Sarah Mabry. Ultimately, Turner provided Ouellette with his guitar for the act. However, the trio continued to encounter technical difficulties since Frazier’s wireless microphone would not broadcast her voice due to a dead battery in the mic.

“Sarah’s the main voice in that song,” said Frazier. “So I didn’t mind that my mic was out. I have a loud voice so it doesn’t really matter. People I talked to said they could hear me on the first song.”

Matt Shumaker and Katie Argentine served as emcees for the event and provided entertainment between the acts.

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