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Seniors present final art show of semester

April 15, 2011

As the Spring 2011 semester winds to an end, Monmouth College senior art students are presenting their work in the art gallery.

While most seniors have been looking forward to graduation and finals, four senior art students, Hillary Broms, Sarah Kindt, Gina McCoy and Patrick Messenger, have been working on their pieces in anticipation of this annual art show meant to showcase what the art majors have done during their years at Monmouth.

This year’s show features a wide variety of mediums, including ink on glass and fabric, and range from drawings to sculptures. Regardless of medium, all the students were satisfied with their end products.

“Difficulties and errors are a part of art that I believe every artist struggles with, but the ones who push through it end up with great products,” said Hillary Broms.

Broms is showcasing her work from the 2010-2011 school year, which portrays the aspects of the dairy farming industry that she, as an activist artist, takes issue with.

Her favorite piece, “Damn the Man”, has a 3-D cow head on the body of a businessman with a “Tide-to-Go” pen in the jacket pocket.

Another piece in the show, “Sgt. Buttman”, took senior Pat Messenger an entire summer to make, and showcases his appreciation for both skateboarding and street art.

“It just seemed natural to combine them” said Messenger.

Messenger’s style relies on “the purity of the colors and lines,” and features cityscapes, beaches and urban scenes.

Another artist featured is Sarah Kindt, who designed costumes used in Monmouth College’s production of “The Tempest” at the Orpheum last Friday and Saturday.

Kindt created the costumes used for the Earth, Fire, Water and Air spirits that appeared in the play during the wedding of Miranda and Ferdinand, as well as the costumes worn by the spirits Ariel and Caliban.

The final artist, Gina McCoy, used oil on canvas as her medium.

“I love the intense labor of using a pallet knife and squeegee to apply the paint to the canvas” said McCoy.

McCoy said she takes inspiration from artist Gerhard Richter and wants to teach secondary art after college while continuing to develop her art.

“To me, my art will be a never ending process for me to develop,” said McCoy.

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