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Stretching for success

April 15, 2011

Before and after exercising, it’s important to stretch. Doing so can decrease the chances of pulling muscles. Stretching can also keep a person flexible and able to do daily things without getting hurt. Here are seven tips to increase flexibility and decrease the chances of injuries.

Tip 1- Stretch every day. Keeping a consistent routine of stretching will help to increase flexibility faster and makes it harder to receive injuries. This is better compared to stretching once a week for a long time. Stretch before and after exercise to keep a constant routine.

Tip 2- It’s important to warm up your muscles before stretching them. Stretching cold muscles can cause injuries and a decrease in muscle strength.

Tip 3- Never force a stretch. Stretching is supposed to be relaxing and feel good. People tend to think that if it hurts when they are stretching, they are doing a good stretch but in reality it’s really hurting the muscles.

Tip 4- Never throw the body into a stretch or bounce into it. Slow and steady wins the race even when it comes to stretching. Jerky movements can cause muscle tears.

Tip 5- Don’t forget to breathe when stretching. Many people forget to do this and it makes it harder to stretch. Taking small breaths can calm the body making stretching relaxing.

Tip 6- Time out each stretch. Start stretching for 10-15 seconds and then increase each week.

Tip 7- When you have an injury, don’t stretch it. Stretching out an injury can cause it to become worse.

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