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Time to clam up and calm down

April 15, 2011

Editor’s note: The following is an opinion article.

Keep clam. No, that’s not a typo. Clams are the kings and queens of calmness. They simply sit on the ocean floor and filter feed while the tide roles in and out.

As students, we have spent the year feeding on new knowledge and not always appetizing cafeteria food. We have had to filter our fair share of information, synthesizing it for essays and exams.

With the year quickly drawing to a close, we find our outlook muddied by a muddle of final projects and papers. It’s important to keep in mind the calm clam as a role model.

No matter how muddied their waters get, clams keep their cool. On sunny seaside days and during a hurricane’s rage, a clam’s reaction is much the same. They let the waves, large or small, simply wash over them. They take what they need from life and simply let the rest drift by.

As semester’s end looms on the horizon like an impending typhoon and waves of stress begin to break over us, the example of the clam becomes all the more important.

Stress can have serious negative health effects. Stress wears your body down, making you more susceptible to illness. Illness in turn can be an additional stressor and a serious distraction from studying.

Worse still, stress can impair memory. While acute stress can sometimes sharpen your memory, it can also easily spill over into panic. Chronic stress, after a long school year, can also wear down your ability to recall important details, like what the last fifty pages you read were about.

As you try to catch up on all the reading you’ve put off for the whole semester and feel your hands getting clammy: pause, take a deep breath and keep clam.

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