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Fiji becomes fifth fraternity at Monmouth

August 26, 2011

Up until this year, Fiji was simply a tropical tourist attraction bombarded by cruise liners and people sporting fanny-packs and flip flops.  However, since being approved by MC at the end of last year, “Fiji” or Phi Gamma Delta fraternity will no longer be an island.  Founded in 1848 at Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, Fiji withholds over 108 chapters in the United States and Canada, making Monmouth 109th on the list. 

With the initiative to bring a well-respected addition to MC’s Greek Life, founding fathers Kevin Ross, Jordan Sadiq, Sam Karoll, Parker Woodall, and Trevor Newton are calling for a few good men to join their budding brotherhood. 

“Over the last year, we’ve started groups as small as 12 and as big as 70. We are just looking for men who fit the criteria we are looking for. These criteria are: scholars, leaders, team players, and gentlemen,” notified Fiji Representative, Wes Martin.

With a record of outstanding members such as championship golfer, Jack Nicklaus and Late Night Show host, Johnny Carson, these character traits are quite possibly one of the many reasons Fiji was adopted into MC’s Greek family.  “To be able to join the current Greek Life here at Monmouth is exciting, and to have the opportunity to be a founding father is a thrill!” exclaimed MC Junior, Sam Karrol.

However, with upholding a well-respected legacy comes much responsibility and dedication.  Accustomed to the process of bringing a new chapter to campus is one of MC’s own professors, Logan Mayfield.  A Fiji himself, Mayfield assisted in the revitalization of the fraternity at his Alma Matter, DePauw University.  “It was a lot of hard work and tough decisions, but FIJI is thriving at DePauw and I had a part to play in their success. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything,” commented Mayfield. 

In order to help the MC chapter get its footing, Fiji national representatives Wes Martin and Adam Whitten will be hosting informational and recreational events for students interested in rushing Fiji. “We will be on campus recruiting men for four weeks. After that, they will go through pledge education and then be initiated into the colony. Then a colony usually takes 12 to 24 months to become a fully chartered chapter,” informed Martin.

The duo has also reached out to other Greek members for support by sparking a competition amongst the sororities.  The ladies of MC Greek Life are challenged to promote Fiji and recruit men who they believe would be assets to the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.  As a reward, the sorority with the most promotional points at the end of the competition will receive $200 donated to their philanthropy.  There will also be a $50 prize presented to the individual who rallies up the most points, single-handedly. 

The new fraternity will also bring a number of new scholarships to Monmouth College, to both Greek and Non-Greek students, one of many reasons the founding fathers to-be are excited for their new chapter. “Fiji is a brand new fraternity on campus where you can be yourself and have great connections both on and off campus,” noted senior, Kevin Ross.

Jane Simkins
Features Editor


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